Tenant Selection Strategy


Tenant Selection Strategy. Our clients often come to us and ask what do we do for open inspections and what do we do ensure that we fill their properties quickly.

Running open inspections is one of the most important parts of our role, it really gives us an opportunity to have some personal time one-on-one with tenants to really find out about their background, their motivation to find a new property and work out who’s the best fit for our clients investments.

Open For Inspections

  • Get to know the applicant
  • Find our about their background
  • Find the best fit for your property

One thing that we don’t do with RPM is:

Protection Of Your Property

  • Never give out keys
  • Meet people at the property – so that we can really go through the benefits and just ensure the safety of our current tenants and also our clients investments.

The best tenants are available on weekends and also after hours during the week, with this in mind we make we’re available to suit the tenants needs.

For every vacant property we run a Saturday Open For Inspection as well as an after hours midweek Inspection.

We also make sure that we’re available to run at our inspections during week so if a prospective tenant calls us Monday at 2 o’clock asking to see a property at 3:30 that afternoon, we’ll do our very best to accommodate.

When we’re meeting with tenants at a property we like to take the time to engage in conversations with them, we’d like to find out a bit about their background and what their motivations are for looking for a rental property.

Matching The Best Tenant with Owner

We think that this information is helpful for matching of what a tenants looking for with what clients are looking to get for out of their investment products. By engaging in personal conversations with prospective tenants when they’re coming through the properties it also allows us to start to gauge who will be the best fit for the property before we’ve even seen an application form.

Choosing From Multiple Applicants

In the ideal event where we get multiple applications the personal interactions we’ve had with the tenants allows us to guide our clients into who will be the best fit for the property based on not only what they put down in the application form but also our own experiences really.

If you’d like to discuss anything to do with our tenant selection strategy or anything at all regarding property management, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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