Should You Allow Pets In A Rental Property?

Pets In A Rental Property

Should You Allow Pets In A Rental Property? One of the big points to discussion we often have with our owners is whether or not they should allow our tenants to have pets in the property.

We found that allowing pets in a rental property can sometimes be a really good thing for securing long-term tenants.

In our experience we found that allowing your tenants have pets in the property can:

  • Greatly increase the longevity of the tenancy
  • Having the rights checks in place can reduce the risk of having pets in your property.

When assessing a tenancy application that includes pets:

  • We consider the application as a whole
  • Not just yes/no – they don’t have a look at what are they bringing to the table.

Attractive Prospect:

  • Well presented family with a beloved family dog – where the -parents are both in good employment.


  • 3 Hairy bikers with a pit-bull each
  • Assessing all factors as a whole, this prospect is less attractive with pets

Attracting Tenants:

  • Pet friendly homes attract more applications
  • Get around 50% more inquiries on pet friendly homes

Of course, allowing pets into the property does come with a little bit extra risk. But, we aim to mitigate that through putting specific clauses in each lease that talks about responsibilities of the pet owner and what will happen if they don’t abide by those.

For any lease that includes a pet the extra clauses can include:

  • Tenant is responsible to pay for any damage caused by the pet – the damage to the garden or for they vacate the property
  • The tenants are required to get flea treatment of the property – inside and out regardless whether the pet was inside the property or outside.
  • Specify areas that the pet can reside in – for example if there’s a large indoor storage area downstairs you might specify that a dog’s allowed to go in there but isn’t allowed to go in the upstairs section of the house where there may be polish before.

We have found that tenants with pet are more likely to want to renew their lease. They tend to appreciate the opportunity given to them by the landlord and they also see that it might be a little more difficult for them to find another property. So, if they’re comfortable why not stick around with a landlord that they know trusts them.

If you’d like to talk to us further about how to mitigate the risk of having pets in your property or how allowing pets might increase the appeal. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call. 07 3846 4646

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