Routine Inspections are Important

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections are Important. As Property Managers one of our primary responsibilities is to safeguard our clients investments from unnecessary damage. We do this by being thorough with our routine inspection schedule.

Inspection Schedule

  • 1st inspection at 3 months
  • Routine inspections every 6 months if everything is perfect

Minor Problems

If there are a few minor items that need to be addressed at the first inspection, we will;

  • Talk to tenant
  • Issue notice if required
  • Follow-up inspection in 3 months

Later we fall into a 6 month routine scheduled on the property once there are a 100% comfortable that the tenants are doing the right thing and that our clients investment is protected. At every routine inspection we run through a checklist of important information that we need to tick off on behalf of our client, this checklist includes:

Inspection Checklist

  • Garden Cleanliness
  • General House Cleanliness
  • Safety Issues such as blind cord compliance, smoke alarm compliance
  • General Wear and Tear of the property and any specific,
  • Maintenance Issues that need to be looked at on behalf of the tenant.

Our experience shows us that moving trustworthy high quality tenants onto a 6 month routine inspection schedule can really encourage them to go from new tenants to long term tenants.

Routine Condition Report

  • Produced at each inspection
  • Sent to owner after inspection
  • Photos of property and items needing attention

Along with completing the checklist, we also complete a thorough routine condition report at each inspection that we do. All of our clients will be sent an electronic copy of this report including photos generally one of every room as well as the outside of the property and also specific photos of any items that we need to have addressed the routine inspection report will be emailed to all clients and it will also appear and remain on the client’s online user portal.

If you’re not happy with the service you’re receiving in terms of routine condition checks for your investment property, please get in touch with RPM, we’d b e more than happy to discuss this further with you.

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