Pets In A Rental Property

Should You Allow Pets In A Rental Property? One of the big points to discussion we often have with our owners is whether or not they should allow our tenants to have pets in the property.

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Lately many of our clients have been asking me for advice around strong area’s to invest. I think the best way I can assist is through giving some examples of the properties that we have recently leased, with special focus on the properties that had a high level of interest and rented quickly. Read more

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One of the most important decisions to make when you buy an investment property is whether to appoint a professional property manager or manage the property yourself. Read more

I love comparing apples with apples. When it comes to property managers, this is something you can easily do. In theory, property management is pretty much the same everywhere. Or at least it should be. Strong customer service to you, superior management of tenants, and prompt notification (and resolution) of any issues that fall in between these two parties – these are the Read more