How We Handle Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests

Handling maintenance requests effectively is another very important way that we can help safeguard our client investments.

There are 2 Major Benefits to handling maintenance requests quickly:

  1. Ensures small problems don’t escalate and become large problem.
  2. Happy and safe tenants – we are also exercising our client’s tribute care

In RPM we work with our client to set a maintenance issue that you are comfortable with. We didn’t try to apply a bit of common sense to maintenance issue,if it can enclose us (Phrase Unclear) we politely let them know that, that is their issue.

Maintenance Jobs

  • Use licence professional contractors
  • Proven to provide a high level of service at fair prices.
  • No margin charged by RPM, you pay exactly what we get invoiced.

Another huge benefits in working with RPM is the honest portals, in the honest portals you can see the exact wording, the exact instructions that we issued to our maintenance supplies and you can see when the maintenance jobs are closed out.

In an ideal world we won’t get many maintenance request for your property, but the fact of the matter is it can save everyone a lot of time and a lot of money if maintenance issues are handled swiftly and professionally.

If you like to talk more about how RPM manages maintenance please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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