Dealing With Tenants Who Don’t Pay On Time

Dealing With Tenants

Dealing With Tenants Who Don’t Pay On Time. One of the main challenges we face as a proactive property manager is looking after a reader.

Any tenants that falls behind in rent will receive a daily email or daily SMS to let them know the exact status of where their rent is paid up to the amount that’s owing and what needs to happen to get things back in front.

We also ensure that we stay in touch with our tenants via phone call to really speak to them and educate them on the process of paying rent and what’s really important for them to make regular payments and to remain in advance at all times.

If the tenants do for seven days behind we ensure to follow our TA guidelines to the letter of the law and go through all of these processes on this day that we’re able to ensure the situation’s rectified as soon as possible. We also offer our tenants a range of payments options including direct debits beep a direct bank transfer or they can join deposits of money for free and a post office each week to ensure that all tenants are catered for rpm is a TICA accredited to agencies TICA is the rental the quality’s database which is the national database for people that have serious rental business.

If our tenants fall into arrears and do not get these pictures up before vacating a property one recourse we have is to list them on that database which will negatively impact their ability to rent another property. If you’ve experienced issues with rental areas at one of your investment properties in the past and would and would like to talk to a company that’s proactive with managing rental arrears, please get in touch

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