Choosing a Good Investment Property

Good Investment Property

Choosing a Good Investment Property. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new investment property there’s a few things that you can keep in mind to ensure that the property is going to be attractive to tenants.

Throughout our time as property managers we’ve come to identify a few of the key hot topic items that tenants are really interested in, these includes:

  • School Zones – if you can purchase a property that’s in one of the highly rated school zones it can really help attracting a large crowd for the city. I’d encourage you to get online and look at reviews of schools and find out what are the best ones in your area or in the area that you consider it.
  • Avoid Main Road and Busy Intersections – We’ve also found the tenants are reluctant to rent property that are on Main Road or next to busy intersection.
  • Interior – in terms of the interior of the property, tenants are really hot on items like:
    • Fly screens
    • Blinds
    • Ceiling Fans
    • Air Conditioning
  • Storage – is really crucial area in terms of attracting high quality tenants.
  • Mix of Indoor and Outdoor Living – We’ve also found that in Queensland tenants are particularly interested in properties that offer a good mix of indoor and outdoor living.
  • Multiple Living Areas – Finally we’ve also seen the tenants are really interested in properties that have a multiple living areas, this allows for different compilations of tenants or for larger families to have a bit of space.

One of the services that RPM provides to our clients is one where we’ll help you to assess whether a property you’re looking at is a suitable investment. This isn’t something that we charge for, we just look at it as a way to ensure that our clients are purchasing properties that will rent easily and also helps us to have a better product to put out there in the market. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new investment property? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d really love to speak to you as early as possible the process.

Contact us to discuss how you can the best Investment Property for you needs.

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